Meet the Doctors and Team

  • Dr.
    William Allen

    Dr. William L. Allen, DC is a graduate of Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. He received his bachelors from Excelsior College in Albany, New York.Dr. Allen is dedicated to his patients, their health and well-being. He takes time to listen and help everyone he meets. Dr. Allen has a supreme passion to reach as many through chiropractic care as possible, so he has expanded his calling beyond the Jamestown Family Chiropractic clinic to work as a mentor for others to assist them in improving their own lives, and thus reaching more people with the care that they so desperately need. Dr. William Allen uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient's lives, whether they are having problems with back pain or neck pain, or just want to start living a life or health and wellness.

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  • Dr. Nick Celeslie

    was born in St. Louis, Missouri and lived there until I was 8 years old. Living in St.Louis pushed me to become a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. I love to follow sports and have been a devoted Tennessee Titans fan since the Rams left St.Louis. When I was 8 years old we moved
    to Grayslake, Illinois. This is located about an hour north of Chicago on the Wisconsin/Illinois border. I then lived in Grayslake until I went off to college in 2011. I attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) and obtained a bachelor's degree in biology in 2015. While
    attending SIUE I was Vice President of the biology club, a member of the chiropractic club, and Vice President of my fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma. I also met my lovely wife Charlee during my freshman year of college at SIUE and we were married in 2016. After graduating with my
    undergraduate degree, I went on to attend Chiropractic school at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Chiropractic was actually founded in Davenport by Dr. Palmer. Palmer was the first Chiropractic school to ever be created. While at Palmer I treated many different patients including infants, older children, and adults of all ages. During Chiropractic school, I was involved in the motion palpation club, the activator club, and was a business ambassador for the business center while also obtaining certification in Activator, Thompson, Flexion Distraction, Gonstead, and Diversified techniques. I Graduated from Palmer in February of 2019 earning a
    degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic. My interest in chiropractic began when I was in high-school. 

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  • Dr.
    RJ Crawford
    DC QCC
    CEO/ Chiropractor

    My first experience with chiropractic was very early on. I couldn’t even say 'chiropractic' yet, much less, knew what it was. I was only two, and like most that age, I was a wild heathen and I basically enjoyed doing anything my parents told me not to do. So jumping on the furniture and the bed was just one of those activities. One day while jumping on the bed I happened to fall off and consequently broke my left leg. Again, being a little 'Dennis the Menace' and thinking lightning wouldn’t strike twice, I decided while still in a cast, to jump on the bed again. And as a result, fell off the bed a second time… and yes, broke my other leg. So now being a two-year-old with two broken legs, both in casts all the way up, my dad decided it would be wise for me to see his chiropractor.

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  • Jessica Woody

    Chief Operations Officer 

  • Lauren Hall

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Denise Martin
    CTA RT(R)

    Clinical Coordinator

  • Emily Weidner

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Lindsey Garrett

    Office Coordinator

  • Sierra Maynard

    Scheduling Lead  

  • Keitha Harding

    Patient Services Representative

  • Kacee South

    Patient Services Representative

  • Kristi Brown
    CTA RT(R)

    Clinical Lead and Radiologic Technologist

  • Britney Fowler
    Chiropractic Therapy Assistant and Chiropractic X-Ray Technologist

    You will not only see Britney's smiling face at Jamestown Family Chiropractic, but you will also see her at Crossville Family Chiropractic


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